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Art Watch #6

Got another edition of Art Watch for you and there once again lots of lovely ladies for your enjoyment! Here are some of my favorites images from the last couple weeks ^^

Rio-senpai from Sora no Woto.  Recently picked up this series after getting several recommendations for it.  Like it a lot so far! Image is by Nekopuchi. Continue reading

Art Watch #5

So, yeah… the last Art Watch “Week” I posted was back in October.  I have to say, the weekly feature has not turned out so well. And for that reason, I am terminating Art Watch Week and will just be doing Art Watch from now on ^^;  No more weekly schedules. I will be posting my favorite images from e-shuushuu when I am able to do so.  Hopefully that will still be roughly once a week but I will not longer pretend that it will be every time ^^;

And with that out of the way, how about some pretty pictures? :D

Starting with a cute Sakura + Chii combo by CLAMP. If you like the style, you should check out CLAMP’s original CCS art, it’s amazing!

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Art Watch Week 2

Hey, it’s already week 2 for Art Watch ^^.  This week, I had a ton of awesome images to sort through.  I had a bit of trouble picking out this list as there were so many great illustrations >_<  Anyway, this week we have some Takoyaki here, some Aoi Nanase there, but all of the images are simple excellent ^^.  Enjoy!


A comforting friend after a heart-breaking rejection? (Hint: the title is ‘gomen’)  Artist: Ame

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New Feature – Art Watch Week 1

This week I’m introducing a new weekly feature for cool & spicy, focusing on one of my favorite parts of anime culture: anime art!  I just so happen to administer an anime image board over at so naturally I get to see a lot of cute/pretty/sexy/beautiful images ^^.  I will be sharing my favorite illustrations each week gleaned primarily from shuushuu with perhaps a short comment or two on each image.

Since I know giveing credit is an important requirement for many artists, I will make every effort to properly identify each artist featured, including artist names and site links.

My intentions are twofold:  I want to increase awareness of shuushuu (shameless ;)) plus I hope to spread some of the beautiful bishoujo love around and get more people interested in anime art.  There’s a lot of awesome art out there that is just too good to not share :)

So, let’s start off with week 1!


Starting with some lovely hair and eyes ^^.  Artist: nauribon

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