New Feature – Art Watch Week 1

This week I’m introducing a new weekly feature for cool & spicy, focusing on one of my favorite parts of anime culture: anime art!  I just so happen to administer an anime image board over at so naturally I get to see a lot of cute/pretty/sexy/beautiful images ^^.  I will be sharing my favorite illustrations each week gleaned primarily from shuushuu with perhaps a short comment or two on each image.

Since I know giveing credit is an important requirement for many artists, I will make every effort to properly identify each artist featured, including artist names and site links.

My intentions are twofold:  I want to increase awareness of shuushuu (shameless ;)) plus I hope to spread some of the beautiful bishoujo love around and get more people interested in anime art.  There’s a lot of awesome art out there that is just too good to not share :)

So, let’s start off with week 1!


Starting with some lovely hair and eyes ^^.  Artist: nauribon


Pretty art doesn’t have to make sense ;).  Artist: TUNG & DAISY


I can’t help but like girls with cameras ^^b.  Artist: Tozaki Makoto


Tsumugi taking a day off ^^.  Artist: Shiina


Never watched Sailor Moon but I recognize a good bishoujo when I see one ^^. Artist: Nardack


Love the fisheye view and vibrant colors.  Plus, it’s just different.  Artist:  Amemura


Just a cute Klan Klan :) Artist: Mintchoco


Neko mimi Miku. Artist: Shirokitsune


Love the simplistic style this artist uses ^^.  Artist:  Emuke


Almost looks like Koge Donbo’s style (but it’s not >_<).  Artist: Etou


Monohime from Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade.  Not sure what type of armor that is, but she sure is cute ^^.  Artist: Mattaku Mosuke


Maybe they’re planning on taking a nap?  Or waiting for me to join? ^^;  Artist: Mocha

More pretty pictures next week!

14 thoughts on “New Feature – Art Watch Week 1

  1. wrexness

    >w< Muramasa was a really fun game~ A little bit shorter than I would've liked for the main story, but after getting all of the endings and 108 blades I got it up to about 25 hours.

    Urm, oh, also nice art. XD


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