Art Watch Week 4

Got an awesome lot of images this week ^^.  Way late this week, been really busy the past few weeks… I wonder if trying to do an Art Watch each week is such a good idea.  Perhaps every week and a half or just whenever I get around to it xD


Great use of colors with the flowers and dress ^^.  Artist: Wolfour


A reminder that beautiful anime art isn’t always cute.  Artist: Yasuyuki


But usually, cute is my preference xD.  Bloomers++.  Artist: Yamane Masato


Does it look like Senjougahara?  Because it’s supposed to be her.  Artist: Coffee Kizoku


It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s Eva! Artist: LIN


An original character, not from any anime but she sure is cute ^^.  Artist: Rakosoregashi


I hate it when weather ruins a nice day out >_< Artist: Vofan


Portuguese guy comes up with a unique character, asks artists around the world to help draw her.  Arancia is born ^^.  More info at the Arancia Project site. Artist: Burstchicken


Just my favorite Kagami dressed up ^^ Artist: Porurin


I want a hat like that ^^; Artist: Teti


Pic from one of my new favorite artists, Kishida Mel :D Artist: Kishida Mel


Wolf girl + maid.  How much better can it get? XD Artist: Youkan


A classic Sailor Venus pondering… something.  Artist: Ninomiya

Hope you like the pretty girls ^^.  Unfortunately, will probably remain busy for another week or two more but will try to make some progress on a growing backlog of new figures >_<

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