Art Watch #6

Got another edition of Art Watch for you and there once again lots of lovely ladies for your enjoyment! Here are some of my favorites images from the last couple weeks ^^

Rio-senpai from Sora no Woto.  Recently picked up this series after getting several recommendations for it.  Like it a lot so far! Image is by Nekopuchi.

Ohoho, Kagami in dressing mode.  And in a miko outfit at that!  Like very much :D Artist is Kisaragi Miyu.

Aya from Touhou.  I mainly like this image because the artist made it look like a photograph with the bokeh effects.  Very cool ^^ Artist is nauribon.

Not a huge Miku fan but this pic is really cute ^^.  Artist is Yamakaze Ran.

Every Rie Kugimiya tsundere in one place!  What are the odds? ^^;  Artist is Kakiton.

Sawako (not Sadoko!) and Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke.  Need to catch up on the last couple episodes… Artist is Sarachi Yomi.

I really don’t know much about the Idolm@ster characters but I love most of the fanart ^^;  Artist is Ponnetsu.

Moelicious K-ON! imouto, Ui.  Artist is Hide.

Just liked the atmosphere to this image. Setting looks WW2-era.  Artist is Fuzi Choko.

I’ve never heard anyone nickname her Gami, but it is kind of cute ^^.  Artist is Pide.

Wa-wa-wa-wasuremono…  Always make sure you put on all your clothes before going to school!  Artist is plasm.

卒業! Artist is Hanabana.

And to finish things off… a super, ultra cute 4koma featuring Hong Meiling.  “Confessing to glasses Meiling”.  Ningyo would like this if he saw it ;)  Artist is Uruugekka.

Thanks for viewing!

16 thoughts on “Art Watch #6

  1. Ippiki Ookami

    Hrm… I find the Aya one to be the most interesting in this group.

    So you’re liking ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト so far? Enough of you guys are saying good things about it that I might need to watch it sometime.
    .-= Ippiki Ookami´s last post… C77 Goods+ =-.

  2. Ningyo

    To finish things off? More like to finish me off x.x
    That one’s probably my favorite Meiling pic of all time. That third one is, and always will be, my gravatar. I have the fourth one in my wallet :3

    The odds of every Kugimiya character in one image… Well, many an artist has poked fun at how they all sound exactly the same at some point :/

    ‘Wa-wa-wa-wasuremono’ was enough to floor me. And Pide’s pocky are quite dubiously shaped.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Ah, I did not notice that you were already using part of the pic as your avatar xD
      It really is a great Meiling pic though :)

      Gami’s pocky looks OK to me… you have an ecchi mind, tsk tsk ^^;


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