Art Watch #7

Hmmm, it’s been a while since I’ve done an art watch so now is as good a time as ever to fix that ^^.

After school rendezvous with this lovely lady? Artist is Coffee Kizoku.

Simple colors and shading but the artist still produces a beautiful drawing of Ayase Aragaki from Ore no Imouto.  Artist is Maromi.

Yes, Miku with a pot on her head xD.  Artist is Hihikari.

Love the checkered outfit this lovely young lady wears.  Artist is Piko (21).  Sort of reminds me of Kantoku.

Neko-mimi Kuroneko ^^.  Artist is Yukine.

And a usa-mimi Rin.  What is it about girls and animal ears that makes them so cute!? xD  Artist is Kamogawa Akira.

Why, Miku? Why are you crying?  You’re surrounded by roses and dressed in a cute dress.  What could possibly be wrong?  ;_;  Artist is Tottsuan.

Lovely Kuroneko once again.  Reminds me a bit of Suigintou in this image.  Artist is Noron.

Reimu taking a well-deserved break? ^^.  Artist is tucana.

I believe this is an original character by artist Burakku Buraku.  Though she sort of looks like a miniaturized/black-haried version of Ryoko Okami xD

Sora from Yosuga no Sora.  *Ahem*, loli ^^;  Artist is Atoranta.

Always love a girl in uniform :3  Artist is Hiroichi.

Great mix of traditional Japanese clothing and thigh highs xD.  Artist is Hagiwara Rin.

Hmmm, long hair, cute hairpins, and a warm scarf.  I like this image ^^b.  Artist is SHABON.

And last, but certainly not the least, we have this lovely image of Touhou character Marisa Kirisame.  Even black magicians need a day at the beach every now and then ;)  Artist is Hanao.

Thanks for viewing!

17 thoughts on “Art Watch #7

  1. Fabienne

    I love this kind of illustrations is there a special term for that kind of illustrations? In general I just call it anime art XD

    My faves are the one from:
    Coffee Kizoku nice lining details and well I like PE uniforms

    Yukine has drawn a nice Neko Mimi

    the one from Burakku Buraku is also beautiful, a picture wih more dark colors, but it’s still a cute lovely character, the strands of her hair are so detailed.

    Atoranta’s picture of the cute and lovely Sora, her outfit looks so nice =D

    SHABON I also like this illustrations which are based more based on a real characters but still have this anime like look.

    thx for sharing :)

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yes, anime art is a good name. That’s what I call it anyway :)
      Glad you like the pics. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite out of them since, well, they were already hand-picked from Shuushuu.
      But… I have to say the Burakku Buraku image is very high on my list ;)

  2. AS

    I always envy people that can draw such nice pictures ^^;;. I tried myself but I can’t seem to get faces the way I like them but I’m ok with the rest of the body lol.

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