Art Watch #5

So, yeah… the last Art Watch “Week” I posted was back in October.  I have to say, the weekly feature has not turned out so well. And for that reason, I am terminating Art Watch Week and will just be doing Art Watch from now on ^^;  No more weekly schedules. I will be posting my favorite images from e-shuushuu when I am able to do so.  Hopefully that will still be roughly once a week but I will not longer pretend that it will be every time ^^;

And with that out of the way, how about some pretty pictures? :D

Starting with a cute Sakura + Chii combo by CLAMP. If you like the style, you should check out CLAMP’s original CCS art, it’s amazing!

A really beautiful (and super blue) example of Cirno from Touhou by artist Onineko.

I like Sakura.  Can you tell? ^^. Artist is Rui.

I’m not a serious Yoko fan but this pic is awesome. I really like Yoko with her hair down ^^.  Artist is Kiui.

Off to war… by Monako

Just a cute twin-tailed shoujo. Artist is Meito.

Amu ^^. Named my site after this girl, so yeah, I like her :D Artist is Hyuga.

Happy Valentine’s from Meiling. Artist is Uruugekka.

Ah, I like a girl in uniform xD.  By Vania600.

Freya x Chii, not so bad :) By m i K o t o *

BRS by Emuke.

Alice x Marisa ^^. By Tokiryou Nozumi.

Cute girls + Mizugi by Takoyaki.  ’nuff said ;)

Still need to finish this series… Art by Nae.

Delicious strawberries… Artist is Kouta.

Scenic pic by MOSH.

Last but not least: Kagami as Mikoto :D Artist is Pide.

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