Black★Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver.

By , June 28, 2010 12:01 am

Finally a new(ish) figure review!  Good Smile Company recently released Black Rock Shooter figure found its way to me last week and I’ve got some piccies to prove it ;)  Although I did not purchase first BRS figure (black rock cannon version), I seriously was tempted at the time.  That is why when I saw the awesome-looking Blade version, I decided to not let her pass me by again!

BRS Blade 01

Black Rock Shooter, for those who live under anime rocks, is a character from a Vocaloid song ingeniously titled “Black Rock Shooter“.  An artist named huke drew a picture of BRS, some one thought it was awesome and made a song for it.  That’s how BRS became famous.

Illustration of Black★Rock Shooter with Black Blade and Cannon by Sharufu Shuttse.

I’m not normally fan of Vocaloid (it sounds terrible to be blunt), but I fell in love with the character from the many lovely fanart images I’ve come across like the one above.  I think for a lot of other fans as well she is more than just the character in a Vocaloid song.  She’s spawned tons of fanart and there’s even going to be an anime based on her!

BRS Blade 02

Even the box she came in was impressive.  Sure, a bit wasteful to have so much cardboard for a figure of this size, but fancy ^^;

Thankfully, Good Smile Co. manages to pull off a high quality figure with the Blade version.  I’ve been hearing GSC figure quality has been on a gradual decline for the past year so I was relieved to see BRS received high quality QA.  Since BRS is wearing limited clothing in this version you mostly see skin.  This is fine with me, of course ;)  The good thing is that her skin tone is nice and even with no noticeable blemishes or impurities.  Still, it’s rather flat skin tone, with pretty much nill for shading/contours.  Definitely not bad quality, but could have been better.

BRS Blade 03

BRS is posed with her black sword behind her, drawing back with her right arm in preparation for a powerful attack.  Who’s about to die? ^^;

BRS Blade 04

Mesmerizing gaze with glowing blue eyes ^^

BRS Blade 05

BRS Blade 06

Scars are intact.  I know some people don’t like them but that’s part of her character.

BRS Blade 07

BRS Blade 08

By the way, if you want to see more about the BRS anime that I mentioned earlier, there is a trailer out:

More details on the upcoming anime are supposed to be released very soon!

BRS Blade 09

Hmmm, I didn’t get many decent shots of her sword.  Oops ^^;

BRS Blade 10

The base has been significantly scaled back from the BRS Cannon version which I’m totally okay with.  It helped drop the price 3,000 yen or so ;)

BRS Blade 11

BRS Blade 12

One thing I think GSC has done a good job with here is BRS’s hair.  Not only does she sport long, flowing twintails (yes!) but they’re not just blobs of plastic.  Rather, they’re nicely detailed and as a result of the more complex contours and shading on her hair the head seam is much less noticeable.  And consider this figure has a swappable front hair piece, that’s saying something ^^.

BRS Blade 13

For this shoot, I used some new lighting equipment.  I purchased two 70W CFL bulbs (about equivalent to 130W tungsten bulbs) for my umbrellas and a new soft box with an additional 70W light.  This allowed me, for the first time, to take very close macro shots without the use of a tripod.  I was able to shoot all these photos handheld ^^.  I have a nice tripod but it can still be difficult to get that perfect angle versus immediate feedback while looking through the viewfinder via handheld shooting.  I had to bump the ISO up a bit, but my 5D2 handles that well ;)  Overall, I think they turned out nicely.

BRS Blade 14

BRS Blade 15

BRS Blade 16

Without her coat on, the tsurupettan side of BRS is revealed xD

BRS Blade 17

One thing I would have liked to see improved is the painted area on her shorts and belt.  The white belt paint is, at least on my figure, slightly sloppy but is only really apparent by staring closely at it.

BRS Blade 18

BRS Blade 19

Main difference between this version and the Cannon version (aside from the obvious change of weapons) is that BRS is not wearing her large black overcoat.  We get to see her instead ;)  She carries her coat in her left hand this time around.

BRS Blade 20

She also comes with an alternate front hair piece which has her blue eye flame.  I know this is her regular appearance but I prefer her look without it so only snapped a few with it on ^^;

BRS Blade 21

Not a perfect figure (I haven’t seen one yet ^^;), but overall it’s hovering around top-notch.  And given it’s relatively low price at around 5,500 yen, it’s a bargain!  Certainly not a regretful purchase for me.

BRS’s nemesis, Dead Master, is getting a figure rendition by GSC.  I’m wondering if I should order it or wait.  BRS has gotten 3 figure renditions so I’m thinking Dead Master might follow suite.  Anyone want to guess? xD

If you want to own a Black Blade version of BRS, you’re in luck.  Both Hobby Search and Amiami still have her in stock for 5,505 yen and 6,100 yen, respectively.  Definitely a good buy by my opinion!  I hope you enjoyed the review and the pics ^^

47 Responses to “Black★Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver.”

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  2. AS says:

    I noticed Good Smile’s quality is also dropping, sad but true. Might have to do with them getting big and cutting some corners. Hopefully this will change soon. Nice equipment, very professional. Love the flame on the eye.

    • Yeah, they’re getting too big for their own good ^^; I don’t usually buy their stuff now that I’ve cut back on Nendoroid purchases.
      The lighting equipment was actually not that expensive. Less than $300 for it all.

  3. NanoZero says:

    Yes, GSC’s quality has been declining since the original BRS was released. My Hayakawa Yuzuko is proof of that. Still, the Black Blade version was nicely done despite all the quality issues with GSC. Hopefully Dead Master and the BRS anime version will be alright too.
    I had this on order originally after missing out on the cannon version, but I canceled it later on. Luckily for me, a re-release of the BRS Cannon version was announced, so I’ll be going for that one.
    Nice review, overall. I like the shots. I wanted to see some closeups of BRS’s face.

    • The Cannon version is cool but also overpriced, I think. I’d like to have her but probably won’t be purchasing a 2nd BRS figure. I like her, but not that much xD
      Glad you like the pics ^^

  4. Smithy says:

    That’s a nice price compared to the first BRS version by GSC, glad to see them do some good quality figures at more reasonable price tags.

    Looks like a well finished figure with a definite neo-cyber punk atmosphere, like it even though not the type I’d add to my own collection.

    That’s some nice lighting equipment! Having shot those freehand is impressive! Did you use a normal prime or a real macro lens? Because real macro lenses freehand… need very fast shutter speeds.

    Would love a decent lighting rig but they’re all insanely expensive over here.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m going for the animation version myself, the complete lack of curves on her in this pose disturbs me a bit. But besides that one little detail I don’t care for I think she is a lovely figure. For my lighting I used to use unbrella/stands and recently switched to a light tent. I’m wondering if I should switch back lately.

  6. Persocom says:

    Looking great, you got some really good pictures of her. I almost regret canceling my order of her, but I figured I had already crossed the line of sanity with BRS related purchases. Black Cannon version will have to do it for me until the Figma/Nendo. I’m going to get the Dead Master that works with the Black Cannon BRS.

  7. meronpan says:

    well, i broke my rule and read your review before doing my own. hopefully i can forget quickly and not mimic all of your shots ^^;;

    she’s looking good… looking forward to taking my own pics ^^ love her (regular) blue eyes. flame is nice but something about those concentric circles and that mesmerizing blue… good stuff.

    dunno why but for now i’m gearing up to get all the brs and deadmaster releases ^^; something really just struck a chord i guess ^^;

    nice lights! not sure i’ll ever move to being able to review hand held… but that sure does sound nice ^^

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to your review ^^ I do prefer her normal eyes. Not sure what it is about the flame, but it looks too plasticy and fake to me >_< Shooting handheld is pretty sweet. I was able to take a ton more photos than I usually do in less time. And they were more unique angles than what I would be able to do with a tripod. I still had to use a fairly high ISO and relatively slow shutter speed but it worked out in the end ;)

  8. Xine says:

    I love the photos! ^^ I got mine last week but I haven’t taken pictures of her yet. I really like the color scheme of this figure. Good Smile did a pretty good job with the BRS figs. Can’t wait to get the nendo and figma version too.

  9. Fabrice says:

    Great review, she looks very nice, but man why didnt they had a bit of oppai size XD i mean its completely flat. ^^” haha

    im looking forward to the OVA.

  10. bluedrakon says:

    Nice set of shots and love the “studio” you have for taking the pictures. I am still waiting for mine that I ordered from Giant Robot. It was a little more expensive, but suppose to be signed (not sure by who – hoping HUKE).

  11. […] Combo post today that’s part site update, part rambling on my current activities… I’ve been sick with a stomach bug or something for the last week which unfortunately put a stop to the momentum I was gonna have with azunyan + brs reviews going up. Think I’m just about over it now, so /cross fingers.  BRS review will be out probably sometime in the next week? but in the meantime you can check out some lovely shots over at Cool & Spicy. […]

  12. Fabienne says:

    Ah you made very nice pictures =)
    your lightsetting added a very nice glow effect to her skin

    I’ve preordered the BRS anime version figure because I like her face more than that of the other BRS figures.

  13. Q says:

    Ah I should have come by your place more often :o

    I did hear GSC’s quality of final products are not as good as they should have been recently, as I have read from James’ reviews from Exelica-Meteor (he was angry about it and was saying how they seem to care more on nendos instead). While I don’t own many figures and I still haven’t owned one from GSC at the moment (BRS animation ver will be my first one), seeing this figure in person when I was at CGM Night 2 weeks ago did make me feel convinced that this is a good figure with good overall quality.

    BRS is surely a very interesting character design IMHO. Her overall dark appearance, scars (can be a hit or miss), less saturated / very black and white like colour scheme with the distinctive glowing blue eyes (as well as the flame on the left eye). It took me some time to get into it, but nowadays it’s impressive how ‘fanarts’ etc can drive so much merchandise and products these days.

    As for the figure itself, I think I like the original Rock Cannon version more because her coat kinda covers her rather plain body and gives more on an interesting shape (and curves?) to her. Still I like the Black Blade and how she swings her coat to one side there. Makes me looking forward to get the figma one so I can pose with either weapons freely!

    • Yeah, GSC likes the Nendos these days xD I’m trying to cut back on how many Nendoroids I purchase. I own way too many variations of the Lucky Star ones ^^;

      Definitely agree with you on BRS’s character. Love the dark, moody atmosphere of the various artworks and thus fell in love with the character herself ;)

      The Cannon version is pretty sweet but I thought it was overpriced at retail and I definitely wasn’t going to pay even more to get it on the aftermarket. Kind of moot now that it’s going to be re-released but that wasn’t known at the time :-/

  14. […] you haven’t already, check out anonymous object’s Cool and Spicy for a nice […]

  15. Tommy says:

    I didn’t order this blade version because I wasn’t compelled to have 2 BRS figures back then, and I didn’t really like the smaller base on the blade version. The base, and less impressive weapon aside, BRS is one of Good Smile’s better releases of late and I hope they don’t go back on the decline after this.

    I ordered Dead Master just because she’s got a matching base with the original BRS. And I’m pretty sure GSC will try to milk every single penny out of our pockets with more renditions to match every BRS figure they release. Personally, I think it might be a good idea for you to wait for a base that matches the lower profile of the blade version.

    • Yeah, the base is not as impressive. But I thought about it and decided I shouldn’t base any part of my buying decisions around a figure’s base so I went for this one. I’ll take the 3,000 yen discount over the larger base ;)

      I think you’re right; there probably be several Dead Master variations just like BRS. I might just wait.

  16. tsuruya99 says:

    woah! the anime looks kool!!
    can i add u to my blogroll?

  17. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Loving the close up shots for this!
    The detail really is amazing, maybe even flawless? i mean i really do see nothing wrong with this at all
    So got to save up for this myself, despite her seeming so, deflated? XD

    • Some people like the flatness xD

    • Vicki says:

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  18. Blowfish says:

    Holy Shit!
    Your Gear made my Ego drop drastically.I still use the Superrats Approved Ghetto Setup XD

    So youre keeping that stuff stored away somewhere or do you assemble and disaasemble them for every figure review? o.0

    Personally I feel that this figure feels too much like the original BRS.If id have to name it she feels more like a BRS Light than an entirely new figure.
    But maybe thats just me because I cant really relate to or care about BRS.

    I only liked her BFG and Scars and therefore im happy with the original release I own

    • I usually keep the lighting gear in a closet. It all collapses and folds up so it’s not hard to store.
      Yeah, original release is nice but since I didn’t get her, this version is good for me :)

      • Rosie says:

        If your arclites are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

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  19. super rats says:

    So all that equipment was less than $300? Hmmm…I might have to see about moving out of the ghetto! But, then, that’s like 2 figures or a bunch of blu-rays…decisions.

    • Let’s see… $85 for the two umbrellas + stands (came with bulbs too), $40 for softbox w/ 70W bulb, $30 for softbox stand, and $34 for 2 more 70W CFL bulbs to replace the weaker ones that originally came with the umbrellas.. So actually less than $200. Wow, cheaper than I thought xD
      The gear makes it easier for me, but I think you’ve proven quite effectively that you can still produce great photos with cheaper DIY setups ^^.

  20. Leonia says:

    Really amazing picture. Your background is really really dark, and BRS eyes are so beautiful ^^ I prefer the other version, but this one is nice too

  21. Lao says:


    I like to know if you can remove her clothes? Bikini and her shorts? I’ve seen a figure like this on Neko Magic and wondering if the one you reviewed is Makaizou version? Or is this the original version? Sorry for the absurd question. I like to know and can’t find any feedback.


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