Yui’s Day Out

A few weeks back, I was able to spend a nice (and hot) Saturday afternoon strolling through downtown Indianapolis.  Yui decided to come along for the round as well ^^;

indianapolis walk-1.jpg

indianapolis walk-2.jpg

Started out the journey with a nice little sunflower field oasis in a desert of heat-radiating streets and parking lots.

indianapolis walk-3.jpg

The Canal is a popular place to spend leisure time downtown.  Decided to walk around the area ^^

indianapolis walk-4.jpg

That… actually looks pretty fun xD

indianapolis walk-5.jpg

A broken clock.  I just liked the look of it.

indianapolis walk-6.jpg

The IUPUI campus is right nearby so lots of students out and about.

indianapolis walk-7.jpg

Yui-chan enjoying a rare breeze in the hot afternoon sun.

indianapolis walk-8.jpg

Yui-chan wearing her new outfit.  It has a sort of military look to it with the camo top.

indianapolis walk-9.jpg

Got a lot of funny looks while taking photos of Yui in such a busy area ^^;

indianapolis walk-10.jpg

Water fountain!  So hot it almost makes you want to jump in >_<

indianapolis walk-11.jpg

Yui salute!

indianapolis walk-12.jpg

Outfit came with a cute cap which came in handy on this very sunny day.

indianapolis walk-13.jpg

Moving on, we came to the state capitol building. The sky is so blue it looks fake, but it’s not, I promise ^^;

indianapolis walk-14.jpg

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in the center of the city.  The area is generally known as ‘The Circle’.

indianapolis walk-15.jpg

I worked in this building for a short time.  Had a nice view of the city from the top floor :)

indianapolis walk-16.jpg

Hehehe ^^  There was no one kissing here though!  I felt very disappointed :-/

indianapolis walk-17.jpg

Was getting to hot to walk, so we decided to explore a bit more by car.  Found this decrepit, graffiti-stained building near the railroad tracks.

indianapolis walk-19.jpg

Gotta say, old rusty metal and graffiti-ed walls make a good photo setting xD

indianapolis walk-20.jpg

Last pic!  Yui wanted to look down the railroad tracks.  Had to snap this one quickly since I didn’t want to be seen (not supposed to play around on the tracks, plus this was a rather seedy part of town ^^;).  Although hastily taken, I like the way it turned out :)

Thanks for viewing.  Despite the relentless heat, we had a good time exploring the city.  Hope you liked the pics!

24 thoughts on “Yui’s Day Out

  1. aquilla429

    I love this clothing look on Yui, it really suits her and its great to see something so different. You don’t normally see DD dressed like that. Where does the outfit come from?

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Thanks, I liked the outfit too ^^. The outfit is from Iplehouse’s YID Girl clothing series. It’s the second Iplehouse outfit I’ve purchased and fits pretty well on DD :D

  2. Fabienne

    Wow this set of clothes looks awesome,you’ve made a good choice =)
    Your pictures are also very nice, the city seems very interesting for taking a stroll.
    The last picture of Yui is my favorite, very cool like she can stand on her own.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Thanks, it was a fun walk ^^. Yep, Yui can stand on her on but she has to be carefully positioned so that she does not fall over. Also, a light breeze will probably knock her over ^^;

  3. Smithy

    Excellent photos of Yui around the town! ^^

    That camo top and cap look great on her. Was eying that Iplehouse outfit a while ago too but as it was out of stock then, didn’t order and never bothered to check back. Judging from your photos, it doesn’t look like the top would fit Yoko’s bust though.

  4. meronpan

    love the pics! have a nice pop i always seem to be lacking in my outdoor stuff ^^;;

    you do much/any post processing or they just pop out of that nice camera of yours like that? ^^

    i also like the shot of yui on the tracks. nice with the arms behind her back pose~ kawaii ^_^

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Thanks ^^
      I don’t do any content-changing edits (like texture smoothing, removing objects, etc) but I do do some basic tweaking with white balance, contrast, exposure, saturation, and the like.
      I should post my before and after pics sometime.

  5. lovelyduckie

    I think DD sneakers are sooooooo cute! Maybe it’s that part of me that likes to coo over baby shoes that make me adore their little shoes that look like smaller versions of real shoes.

  6. AS

    Nice clothes on Yui, it matches the background with the train tracks and brick wall very well. Ya, I got used to the strange looks that I get when I’m outside taking pictures lol, comes with the territory xD.

  7. TAKET0MB0

    Wow such and adorable choice of clothing!
    I guess im echoing what many have said already but they really do suit Yui xD
    I love the railroad tracks image, i dont think i would be brave enough to try such a thing, or just be unlucky and choose a busy track lol

  8. Blowfish

    Despite the fact that this is centered around a dollfie I like these shots alot.Now get rid of that Dollfie and let a real girl pose for you for the next set.
    I think you could pull of some very nice pictures


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