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Every anime fan needs a nice, comfortable PC/TV enviroment for all that anime watching and shuushuu browsing, right?  I recently reorganized my home entertainment area and I have admit it’s pretty nice.

I don’t know about you but one of the most important aspects of a good computer setup is noise level.  I can’t stand having noisy computer fans, speakers that hum, or loud hard drives.  I make an effort to pick low decibel hard drives, video cards, and case and CPU fans.  Not only that, I specifically chose the Antec P180 for it’s great noise dampening and insulation.  Of course, I purchased my P180 a couple years ago and I believe there are successors to it now, but it’s still a great case for me.  It comes with padded side panels, 5 120mm fan slots, and silicon hard drive mounts to reduce vibration noise.  As a result of all this, when my quad core processor is running at 100% load, it is barely audible and the five 120mm fans still keep the guts nice and cool ^^

That’s also the scanner I use for scanning images from my artbooks and doujins.

I’ve already discussed my monitor in a previous post but as you can see from the photos, I have dual monitors set up.  This is extremely useful for coding sessions.  Being able to keep one terminal open with code on one monitor and a browser for referencing on the other is great.  Of course, it helps a lot with gaming as well.  Fullscreen gaming on my 26″ while keeping IRC and IMs open on the other.

Kagami keeps my monitors company.

I also have a glowing keyboard because I thought it was cool.  Not bad for typing either.

Here are my bookshelves with my artbooks, doujin, DVDs, manga, books, and figurines.  I recently set up a second bookshelf since the one I had before was getting overcrowded ^^;  I think I have too much anime from when I first started watching it.  Some of the series I have are not as good as I once thought they were.  Anyone else have that problem? xD

I need to clean up some of the doujins there >_<

Lastly, here is my TV stand.  I have a Westinghouse 42″ 1080P LCD TV.  Sure, it’s not a name brand like Sony or Pioneer, but I researched TVs a lot before picking this one and it’s turned out great.  Gaming in 720p on the PS3 amazing.  Terminator 2 in 1080p blu-ray is also spectacular.  I still need an Xbox 360.

I am too lazy to wall mount my speakers -_-

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