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Gwendolyn & Mercedes by Alter

Every so often you come across one of those figures that so precisely reminds you of why you like to like to collect figures in the first place.  Amazingly enough, I’ve got two such figures right here in this post, though their release dates were quite some time apart.  Alter has really hit the mark with their two Odin Sphere figures: Gwendolyn and more recently Mercedes.  I have decided to group these two figures together into a single, awesome-filled post ;)  Read on for more details and pretty pics.

alter odin sphere-1

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Alter Odin Sphere Mercedes Up for Reserve


One of the figures I’ve been keeping my eye on is now up for pre-ordering at Hobby Search.  It is the elegant fairy Mercedes from Odin Sphere.  Alter’s  first Odin Sphere figure, Gwendolyn, was absolutely stunning and I expect Mercedes to be as well.  The preview images look great.


I’m interested in how her wings will tun out as they seem to be translucent.  Quite tempting though will not come cheap at 7,410 yen for a 1/8 scale figure.  Then again, it is Alter ^^;  Mercedes will be released in February.