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Taking the next step – Hiiragi Kagami by Mama Chapp

Kagami!  In cute doll form!  Need I say more? :D

Well, I’ll say a bit more than that ^^;  This is Hiiragi Kagami as released by the Mama Chapp Toy company in Fall 2008.  When I first read about the Lucky Star dolls, I was very interested but did not follow up due to the difficulty in obtaining them.  Kagami was an limited, exclusive release by MamaChapp and was only available for order through their site.  So, I abandoned the idea of owning this lovely Kagami for nearly a year. Continue reading

Italy Travelogue, Part 2

Finally, more Italy trip coverage.  Just a few months late ^^;

This is a photo-intensive post.  I was planning on cramming all my remaining photos into this post but I just had too many I liked >_<  So there will be one final post sometime later. ^^;

In this post, I will cover a brief trip to the mountains, Pisa, and day 1 of Florence.


To start things off, we head to the Italian alps for some sightseeing and lunch at a nice restaurant.

Continue reading

Italy Travelogue, Part 1

I finally got off my lazy butt and went through my Italy trip photos >_<  After cleaning out the junk images, I ended up with around 1,000 photos.  Of course, I’m not going to be posting them all here, no one would like that xD.  Instead, I’ve picked out some of the better ones and will be posting them along with a description of where I was and what was going on.

I present part 1 of 2 or 3 total parts, I haven’t decided how many more to do ^^;

italy 001We started our trip off in Indianapolis, departing from the new Indianapolis International Airport that opened last winter.  Definitely the coolest airport I’ve visited. Continue reading

Ciao from Italy

img_0496Just a quick update on my trip to Italy.  We’re currently staying in Florence, relaxing in our hotel room after a long, hot day (35C, 95F!) roaming the city.  Our trip is about halfway through; we’ve been to a lot of awesome places and are going to see more in the next week ^^.

I’ve taken nearly 1,000 photos already >_<  The above pic is Kagami visiting Venice.  She decided to tag along on the trip for some reason ^^;  The Internet connection here is too slow to upload more and editing RAW images on a Mini 9 is not fun XD.  I will definitely need to post some of the better ones when I get back to the States :)