Taiga ~Last Episode~ by Kotobukiya

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For those of you that are familiar with my taste in anime girls, you know I like a good tsundere ^^;  So when I saw that Kotobukiya was releasing another Taiga figure, I jumped on the chance to order her.  And I’m glad I did!  She arrived last week and here I present to you the 1/6 scale Aisaka Taiga by Kotobukiya.

This figure is based on Taiga’s appearance in the final episode of the anime series.  This is the only time she wears this uniform but it looks really good on her, doesn’t it? ^^.  You can watch the final minutes of the anime below. Warning: This is definitely a spoiler if you haven’t seen the series!

For those who haven’t seen the series… what are you waiting for!?  Taiga is too cute to not watch xD.  Really, Toradora is a great series and I highly recommend it.  Now if only we could get a Blu-ray release of it here in the States!

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So, yeah, it’s a Kotobukiya figure and they’re kind of hit or miss on quality, but since their last Taiga figure was absolutely gorgeous, I figured their next attempt was a worth shot.  And while it’s not a perfect figure, the slightly tilted glance and tiny frown perfectly captures Taiga’s tsundere-ness.

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Taiga in all her tsundere glory.

taiga last episode-4

taiga last episode-5

Not an intention pantsu shot.  My hand slipped.  Really ^^;

taiga last episode-6

The base is a bit unique.  Unlike most figures, Kotobukiya chose to use a soft, felt-like material for the top of the base.  Though I don’t see why Kotobukiya chose this material and color, it’s a nice change from the plastic bases seen in most other figures.  Also, this figure is secured to the base with screws not pegs like most other figures.  Kotobukiya keeping it different for ya ^^;

taiga last episode-7

And while the details on her school uniform are a bit plain, it doesn’t detract from the overall impression.

taiga last episode-8

Taiga’s hair is a bit clumpy in the front and top and while I’m sure Kotobukiya was trying to represent Taiga’s wavy/messy hair but it could have been sculpted with more detail.  Aside from that, I like the long, flowing strands that make up the rest of her hair.

taiga last episode-9

Love the cute way Taiga is holding her hands! <3

taiga last episode-10

Those of you who own Kotobukiya’s swimsuit Taiga figure will recognize that cute frown ;)

taiga last episode-11

She’s… looking right at me ^^;;;;

taiga last episode-12

But you better not call her cute or you might end up with a black eye ^^;

taiga last episode-13

taiga last episode-14

Overall, I’m pleased with this figure.  She will look good next to my swimsuit Taiga figure.  And for just 5,780 yen, it’s pretty good deal for a 1/6 scale figure.  She may not appeal to all fans but if you like Toradora, it would be difficult to dismiss this lovely lady ^^.  She’s currently still in stock at Hobby Search if you’re interested in obtaining one of your own.

Thanks for viewing.  To wrap things up, here is a sneak preview of my next figure review… Do you recognize her? ;)

14 thoughts on “Taiga ~Last Episode~ by Kotobukiya

  1. Fabienne

    Oh the short and cute Taiga appears quite tall in 1/6 scale.
    Overall I like her look a lot, the black uniform looks much cooler than the one from the other school.
    The base looks also interesting with the pink coated pedestal.

    The only point Im not sure about if I like it or not is the mouth maybe I would have prefered a different expression.
    Well, in most of your pictures I like her mouth.
    I think it fits very well to her lovely face btw these are my favorite pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/37063872@N05/5180725302/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/37063872@N05/5180124649/

    I agree with you that Toradora is a great anime show, I enjoyed it a lot,that Taiga in the closet scene was very nice =)

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, her mouth is a bit simple but it conveys her tsuntsun personality pretty well. It gives her a cute yet slightly embarrassed look which I find irresistible ;)

      And glad to see another Toradora fan around ^^b

  2. Ritsu

    I ordered her two days ago after much consideration. When she came out, I wasn’t very pleased with the proportions. I still think her legs are too thin. But then these user photos came up and they were so much better than the official shots that I couldn’t resist. Another Taiga for my collection ;)

      1. Jayne

        Fajna wypowiedź a z kilku startupów, które miaÅ‚em możliwość oglÄ…dać od Å›rodka, w&kc;pswiÄ™nszoÅ›bi przypadków byÅ‚o to robione metodÄ… samodzielnego marketingu,barteru, lub wÅ‚aÅ›nie studenta. KtoÅ› kto robi to Å¼eby zdobyć doÅ›wiadczenie, być może popeÅ‚ni kilka bÅ‚Ä™dów, ale z pewnoÅ›ciÄ… zapaÅ‚u do pracy i chÄ™ci rozwoju mu nie zabraknie.

  3. AS

    I really like Taiga xD. When I see this figure, she looks so…vulnerable lol. Not the palmtop Taiga I know xD. It’s a interesting choice to go with the uniform from the last episode, which reminds me, I want to see what happens afterward xD. The base is interesting, I wonder why they went with a soft felt base? I think it would have been better if she *spoiler* came with a locker that she could fit in xD.

  4. lovelyduckie

    I liked Taiga…but I didn’t care much for the ending to Toradora, I don’t know exactly why but that series didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m happy to own the Max Factory Taiga, but after I saw the ending I had to cancel this one. I wished the ending had been different, I’m not sure what I wanted but I found the ending a bit boring.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, I can understand how some folks would not like the ending. I personally enjoyed it but I do wonder if the light novels ended differently. Hopefully the books will be translated eventually as my Japanese skills are not quite up to that level :-/


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