I’ve reached new heights in figure collecting

By , July 27, 2009 9:15 pm

Quite literally, that is…


A sneak peak at my latest acquisition which arrived today.  I knew right away what it was based on the size of the package ^^;  Konata is FREEing’s first figure in their 1/4 scale Lucky Star set and was released last week.

I know it’s 1/4 scale and is supposed to be big but I’m amazed by the size of this figure >_<  The above picture shows Konata against my monitor.  That’s a 26″ monitor and it really shows the sheer size of Konata ^^.  Also, the gym uniform is nice.  Real fabric!

Anyway, no time for a full review right now.  I will be posting more pics and a proper review sometime this week.  Look forward to it :)

13 Responses to “I’ve reached new heights in figure collecting”

  1. Optic says:

    Woah, mega-Konata has arrived. 0_0
    Will u be collecting the whole set?

    I think 1/6 is as far as I will go.
    Looking forward to ur review. :)
    .-= Optic´s last blog ..Featured blog of the Week on AnimeBlips =-.

  2. I might be collecting the whole set, don’t know yet ^^. I’m a fanboy, it’s hard for me to resist Lucky Star goodies >_<

  3. Seinime says:

    Good for you. I’d going down that path soon, I think.
    .-= Seinime´s last blog ..Blade is a lolicon and a siscon. Plus the girls from the Needless ED are finally in. =-.

  4. w…woah! Its big!
    .-= Evangeline Mcdowell´s last blog ..Image: 2009-07-28-182611.jpeg =-.

  5. anonymous_object says:

    @Seinime: Hope you do. My initial impressions of Konata are good. I will post more about her in my full review. Just hope you have deep pockets >_< @Eva: As Fuka would say, "でか!"

  6. Smithy says:

    That Konata is huge! This is madness! Her height will pierce the heavens!

    (Couldn’t resist with the TTGL-like pose.)

    She looks great but that 1/4 scale is just too big for me, much like GSC’s Nanoha and Fate in 1/4, nice but a bit too large for me.
    .-= Smithy´s last blog ..New K-ON! Album Cover Art? =-.

  7. Leonia says:

    Oh my god ! Amazing the size of this figure ^^ Congratulation for this purchase
    .-= Leonia´s last blog ..Juillet 2009 =-.

  8. @Smithy: Yeah, she’s big. She won’t fit on my shelves with my other figures unless I increase their height >_< @Leonia: Thanks ^^

  9. watch anime says:

    wow amazing i need one!!

  10. meronpan says:

    1/4 are always fun ^^ grats on the get and looking forward to the review!
    .-= meronpan´s last blog ..ぐーぱん! ~ Gu-pan! and Figure Talk =-.

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  12. @meronpan: 1/4 is nice but they’re huge! I’m still trying to figure out where I can display the figures ^^;
    The review will be delayed while I try to get a replacement figure :(

  13. […] visit from out of town.  But it was worth the wait since I can now finally review the FREEing  Konata I received a bit ago.  I present here “Super” […]

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