New DVD collection

Since I’ve been pre-occupied with securing my Comiket 74 goods, I haven’t had a chance to finish up some doujinshi reviews I’ve been working on. Instead I thought I would post this new DVD arrival.
I think I’m one of the five anime fans that didn’t like The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. I tried watching it while it aired but I lost interest around episode 7 or 8. Since I found a good deal on it and it’s become so absurdly popular (that must mean it’s good right? -_-), I decided to give it another chance. Maybe I can make it through the series this time!

3 thoughts on “New DVD collection

  1. Misuzu

    Can count me in on that list. I fell asleep a few times through the beginning. Then when the brainy girl started blabbering on for an entire episode, I shut it off and never watched it again. Let me know if you end up finishing it and if it turned out better later.

  2. HeyRick

    I’m not going to try to explain Haruhi, I think it appeals to a certain type of person (though, to be honest, I think the Endless Eights repetition stretched the tolerance of fans, though it was ballsy to pull a stunt like that ;-) ). My take? Well, seen the animé, got (some) of the manga, just received this morning the book. I’m a little confused as to the correct order for the literature version (which comes next? sigh? boredom?). Oh, and in numerous other places, her with the yellow ribbon in her hair is my avatar. Does that qualify me as a fan? Or just a weirdo? I’m happy either way…

    Anyway, you posted this in 2008. Did you watch the DVDs? All the way to the end?


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