Yui’s Snow Day

We’ve had an abundance of snow here in Indiana for the past couple weeks (though it finally melted yesterday) and I made good use of the opportunity by taking Yui out for a day in the snow.

yui's snow day-1

And so I packed Yui in the car, grabbed my camera equipment, and headed out to a park not far away.

yui's snow day-2

Besides some kids off in the distance sledding down a hill, there was nary a soul in the park.  We had the place almost all to ourselves ^^.  Since it was quite chilly Yui dressed in her warmest winter outfit, ready to play in the snow.  I managed to snag this super cute winter outfit from Y!JA after Polty posted pictures of it.  Thanks for the link!

yui's snow day-3

When it snows, you have to build a snowman!

yui's snow day-4

Yui admiring her craftsmanship.

yui's snow day-5

Although I didn’t bring a carrot nose or coal for eyes, Yui was able to gather the necessary materials to create this little snowman.  A couple twigs for the arms, a plant stalk for a mouth, and two flower buds for eyes.

yui's snow day-6

A girl and her snowman.

yui's snow day-7

Can’t forget the snow angels.  Brrrr, too cold!  Yui could only stay long enough for me to get one photo ^^;

Unfortunately, it was right about this time when disaster struck the photoshoot.  As I was lowering Yui’s arms after the snow angel picture, I heard a cracking sound and discovered that the shoulder joint had snapped completely off.  Perhaps it was brittle from the cold or maybe because I had gloves on I wasn’t able to tell how much pressure I was really applying, but damage was done.

broken DD shoulder

Here is a close up the injury I took after returning home.  Not very pretty :(
But not all hope is lost.  More info on that in a bit.

yui's snow day-8

I was pretty disheartened by the broken shoulder joint but was determined to not waste the outing and prepared Yui for one final pose.  Leaning up against the tree, it was easy to hide the disconnected arm ^^;

yui's snow day-9

Even so, I’m quite pleased with how these final shots turned out.  Yui looks very relaxed as though she is enjoying the final hour of sunshine before heading home.

yui's snow day-10

Hat on mode.  Which do you prefer?  It’s a really cute hat, I think ;)

yui's snow day-11

Thanks for stopping by.  Yui always like to be the center of attention ^^.

As for the broken shoulder, it actually has a good ending, believe it or not.  I asked around my fellow DD owners and discovered there was hope yet.  Thanks to Twitter friends, I was able to find some one with the necessary skills and tools to take on this repair job.  And that will be the subject on my next post later on this week.  Stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Yui’s Snow Day

  1. Fabienne

    Ohhh, the cutest post of this new year ;)
    this winter outfit is incredibly cute, but the snowman you’ve build can keep up with Yui’s cuteness as well.

    your pictures are wonderful with the clear blue sky it looks like a nice winterday.
    yui’s snow day-3
    I want to hug the snowman XD
    yui’s snow day-5
    hehe the snowman looks a bit embarrased here
    yui’s snow day-7
    really awesome picture too bad Yui got hurt ;(
    good luck with the repairing

    thx a lot for sharing your great pictures.

  2. Smithy

    Excellent photos! Great weather too, having nice clear blue skies with just a few clouds over that pristine snow covered landscape is perfect. Actually love how Yui’s winter outfit color pattern fits just right for this type of landscape.

    Love the effect achieved with the fish-eye lens.

    Looks like serious damage, odd for the joint to have snapped off off like that. 0_0
    (Notice the joint is a lot more yellower than the vinyl, on my girls color is as good as identical.)

    I take my winter gloves off when handling the girls outside, not a lot of fun when you have Raynaud’s! >_<

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      I got really lucky. It was a weekend so I was able to go out during best daylight and it was also perfectly clear. Perfect conditions for photo taking :)

      The color difference is actually because this DDII body is blushed. It’s not Yui’s original body, one I purchased separately.

      Yeah, I think I will take off my gloves in the future when I handle my DD. Don’t want to break more parts >_<

  3. lovelyduckie

    I’m so happy you’ll be able to fix her. I bet it’s far easier to find someone who can fix DD’s in Japan so it’s great that you found someone. But those photos came out lovely, the one above the caption “When it snows, you have to build a snowman!” is BY FAR my favorite! I love it! And yes I also think she looks best with the hat, she looks great without it too but the hat gives it a unique edge.

  4. TAKET0MB0

    Fantaistic photos, i love how the blueness of the sky contrasts with the snow!
    And of course the Yui addition is always nice XD
    Good greif though what a break! Really hope you can fix it!

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