Kyou Fujibayashi -Breaking Point-

kyou -breaking point-2

Locked in a gym equipment shed, alone with a cute girl in her gym uniform. It’s not a dream (you perv!), it’s the subject of this week’s figure review :P. I just happen to have this nice figure of Kyou Fujibayashi from the Key series Clannad. Why don’t we take a closer look? ^^

kyou -breaking point-1

Kyou is one of my favorite anime girls and this is actually my third Kyou figure, the first being Kotobukiya’s 2005 Kyou figure and the second being Wave’s basketball Kyou. In fact, the 2005 Kotobukiya was my first figure. I liked her character enough to buy her as my very first figure while at a convention and well, my figure collecting hobby hasn’t stopped since ^^;  Now, this new Kyou figure was released in late 2010 so I guess it’s not all that new but new to me because she didn’t ship out for a long time ^^;

kyou -breaking point-3

Kyou is dressed in her school gym uniform, complete with bloomers and thigh highs that she always wears. She is posed in a kneeling position looking sweetly innocent as she stares up at you. You don’t plan on taking advantage of her, right? ^^; This figure is actually based on a scene from episode seventeen of the anime series. Have you seen the series? Well, either way here’s a video of the specific scene!

kyou -breaking point-4

As usual, Kyou wears a white ribbon bow on the left. Ryou, her twin sister, wears one on the right.

kyou -breaking point-5

Kyou does not disappoint her fans and dressed in a proper gym uniform: bloomers!

kyou -breaking point-6

Quite a pose from this angle ^^;

kyou -breaking point-7

Really love this shot. Kyou looks thoughtfully into the distance.

kyou -breaking point-8

kyou -breaking point-9

Zettai ryouiki is in full effect!

kyou -breaking point-10

Kyou is sporting a nice set of shoes… and bloomers :D

kyou -breaking point-11

kyou -breaking point-12

kyou -breaking point-13

Experimented with a bit of overexposure. Any good?

kyou -breaking point-14

And some nice, warm sunset shots to finish things off.

kyou -breaking point-15

I had to wait a few more hours after my initial photos to capture these just as the sun set and cast this warm, soft light which only lasts for a few minutes.

kyou -breaking point-16

And so, I have yet another Kotobukiya figure review.  I think by now we know that Kotobukiya figures aren’t always the highest quality. However, I have to say that this Kotobukiya figure is actually pretty respectable quality-wise. Kyou’s gym uniform is nicely detailed with folds in the cloth and shadow shading. Her gym shorts (bloomers! :3) aren’t just a flat red, the the color varies from light to darker to simulate stretching fabric and darker crevices. heehee ^^; Her fingernails are painted pink and cheeks are blushing brightly. Really, this is an attractive figure. Kotobukiya has done a fine job on this. Sure, it’s not perfect.  Some of the seams could have been better (particularly on her bloomers), and the strands of hair could have been finer and more detailed, but I still love this figure.  Kyou just looks great!

If you like Kyou or just want a figure of a cute girl in a gym uniform, I highly recommend this figure. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and I think you will be too ^^

17 thoughts on “Kyou Fujibayashi -Breaking Point-

  1. lovelyduckie

    I actually used to own most of the Clannad Kotobukiya figures, they were really cheap (at the time) and my collection was craving more girls on the shelves. As time went on though I began to regret buying figures of characters I had no major connection to. Luckily many of the figure collectors out there had a huge connection with these characters and I was able to sell them pretty easily at a small profit. I do plan on trying out Clannad someday, but I don’t think I’ll regret selling those figures. Although I should add that this Kotobukiya Clannad figure is significantly better quality than the ones I sold. The difference is pretty noticeable.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Ah, shame you already sold them. Although I like Kyou the most, I would certainly like to acquire the rest of Kotobukiya’s first Clannad set. They’re all pretty cute ^^. Also, you haven’t seen Clannad? You should watch it! I really like the series and I think you would like it too :D

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      No, not your imagination. Kyou definitely is looking a bit sexy in this pose. But, then again, if you watch this scene from the anime, she’s not entirely opposed to taking advantage of the situation locked in the shed ;)

  2. Fabienne

    Oh the pretty Kyou, never saw such a nice figure with bloomers before and these high highs, oh man ;D I also like the realistic looking base.

    “Experimented with a bit of overexposure. Any good?” Yup, nice shot ^^ as well as the one with the sunset light kyou -breaking point-15 and also kyou -breaking point-3 from above.

  3. TAKET0MB0

    This might seem like a completely random and irrelevant comment, but i love the detail theyve put into the stand, so many times they get overlooked!
    These pictures look so warm as well and give that early evening feel, i love it! c:

  4. Sevie

    Really beautifull pictures! ^.^
    I like this gym-uniform! It’s really hot : D
    Her face and her posing are great!
    Only the base is not my favorite style : /
    I prefer simple bases ^^

  5. Xine

    Zettai ryouiki! Even though I haven’t seen Clannad, and Kyou’s outfit is pretty simple, I like this fig. I’ve always been biased when it comes to zettai ryouiki. Lol. Great job on the photos!

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