Home sweet home

Just an image I liked ^^;

Just an image I liked ^^; Pic from http://e-shuushuu.net/image/109257/

I’m back in the States after a nice two and a half week vacation in Italy.  After about 12 hours of flying, 3 sitting in airports, and 2 more sitting in a plane on the tarmac, we touched down in Indianapolis around 10pm.  Finally got home after being awake for about 26 hours (yay, jet lag) and took a nice long nap ^^;  I wasn’t planning on blogging much about my trip but I think I took enough interesting pictures to make a few posts out of it ;)

But first I need to wade the massive backlog of email (both work and home) and all the other things that have piled up in my absence. I will be posting some pics in a day or so.  I just need to sort through them all :)

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